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Earthbound Zero:

  • Phone Machine: In Earthbound Zero, it's unesecary to actually call you're dad every time and ask for money. It'll be deposited automatically. But, it will look strange, seeing as you'll get some strange looking number by having less than he says he's giving you.

  • Early Leveling Up: Because all of Earthbound Zero's random battles being invisible -computer calculates # of steps-, never go in to a place without most of you're HP before you have a high skill level for that area. Like in the Zombie yard at Podunk, be sure to level up well with things like crows and dogs before going in to the yard full of zombies.

  • Giegue Survival Trick: (WARNING, THIS MIGHT SPOIL IT FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN WHAT HAPPENS!! IF YOU WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE THE BACK BUTTON!) When first start out fighting him, there is a pivitol point with two things you can do: a) You can let Ana and Lloyd die off, either way, you don't need them. Or B, you can keep them and use Ana's SuperAwsumo Ability of LifeUp pi. If you do happen to use the pi, it's wise to put Lloyd on "guard" seing as he is pretty much useless for this.

  • Enemy Avoidtion: When you encounter a place that is enemy intensive, you can back out backwards and when you return, there's a good chance that the enemies are missing from their spots. This worked especially well for me in Belch Base, and works well when you're lacking HP's and are out of PP's.

  • Debug Menu: The greatest EB hacking feat so far. There's a debug menu that can be brought up in Earthbound by changing three bytes at location BBB8 from thier current status to three other hex values (forgive me, I forgot them, but they are at somewhere under the PK hack forum), although the text in some parts of the menu is garbled, it still makes for an interesting expirience.
    Mother 3

    You might be asking yourself: "How do you have info for a game that was never released?"

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