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What is Earthbound?

Awesome. If I could some it up in one word, thats it. Awesome. But you're probably here for a more detailed description of it all. Like Earthbound Zero, Earthbound is the second game in series of three. Also like Earthbound Zero, Earthbound is an RPG.
When Earthbound came to America (the entire series made in Japan), there was to be a huge profit margin for Nintendo. Earthbound was destin to become a major hit, but it was never lived to it's full potential. Why? Well, the reason being that Earthbound's graphics were essentially sptite based (means something like Super Mario World), and didn't have the flashy colors and enormus 3D graphical stance that other games at the time did. This caused a lack. Because the team that created the game had focused their energy on making an actual game with a real story line, and no intense graphics, Earthbound lacked.
But aside from the production problems, Earthbound was a great game. The adventure starts out with a boy named Ness (get it? Ness? It's SNES rearranged) who is sleeping is his bed when all the sudden a metorite falls out of the sky. Ness goes to investigate, and the rest of the story just progresses from there. The rest of the game seems to bear a resemblance to Earthbound Zero at more than one point, probably because they were made by the same person. But anyway, after Ness gets aways, he meets his friends Paula, Jeff and Poo (almost all look like EB0 charcters except for Poo), they leave on an adventure filled with PSI, baseball bats, and frying pans in a story that you would have to see yourself, to fully believe.
So, can I have this ROM?

Heh, sorry. It's still illegal. But I can tell you that this ROM will be even easier to find, because unlike Earthbound Zero, there were tons of different people capable of dumping the ROM. A good search in Google will turn up a ROM really quick.
Hey, can you hack this game too?

Yep, sure can. It's even easier and more discovered than EB0. But it's not huge here, so check it out here, because there's more info there on hacking than anywhere.
And remeber to check the tips page, it will make the EarthBound life a lot easier...
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