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What is Earthbound Zero?

Earthbound Zero is an RPG. An RPG made for the Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom as it would be reffered to elsewhere besides the U.S). But this was no ordinary RPG. The classic RPG of the 1980's was something that involved knights and armor and dragon slaying, all this other stuff that made RPG's look midevil. Earthbound Zero changed that. Replacing things such as rupees and castles came things like drugstores and crime filled cities that have names that sound like "L.A" (Ellay).
The story line starts out with a boy named Ninten (about 14 yrs. old), he wakes up when a poltergist or something is destroying his house. From there on out, Ninten is on a mission to find out about his family's past and discover the powers that he holds true to his own. On this incredible adventure, Ninten meets up with his destin friends that help him out where it's definatly needed. When the crews all here, it's Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, and Teddy that are saving the world from the evil figure known only as Giegue.
Sounds great! Where do I get the ROM?

Not here, not from me. It's illegal for me to give ROMS out, I'm not going to take my chances of getting caught by NOA and getting my site shut down. But I can almost guarntee that if you really want this ROM, just type "EarthBound Zero (or 0) ROM" in to Google and you'll probably get something.
Uhh, can I have more screen shots so I know what this game looks like?

Sure, click here
Be sure to check out the tips page for the info that could make your life easier with EarthBound.

Something called ROM hacking...

Just said like it sounds, and while I don't have the resources to do that, the people at EBI do, so make sure you check out this place for anything to do with that (and hey, if you do get the ROM, it's not illegal to hack it).
Any questions about Earthbound Zero that weren't answered here, can be answered elsewhere on the internet (see my links section) so don't e-mail me about that. But if you have a question about the site, don't hesitate to ask.