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What is Mother 3?

Mother 3 is the last one. All of the Earthbound games were named "Mother" at one point in time before they were named Earthbound. Mother is the *near* Japanese equivelent of Earthbound, the biggest difference, Mother games are in Japanese.
but don't bother yourself with looking for Mother 3, main reason: It doesn't exist. Mother 3 spent years in production, it was a N64 game that was designed by Super Nintendo designers. So if you can guess what happens when you try to make a Russian speak English with no knowledge of the language, you get some problems.
The man behind the series, is named Shigesato Itoi (I think his webpage is, but I won't link it 'cause I'm unsure) who was a good Japanese writer, he made all of the Earthbound series, and wrote the storyline for Mother 3. But his team was a team of 16-bit designers, so the graphics turned out really horrendus. After years in the production department, Mother 3 was cancelled, and moved off the charts, Nintendo cited production failures. Most of Mother 3 is actually done, except for the graphics, the storyline, plot, setting, etc is all ready to go. At one point in time there was a petition on, but a full 30,000 signatures was gained and sent to NOJ to be processed.
I know little of this story, but I'll tell what I can. *ahem* It starts out in a small hick town called Einsville with a grown cowboy named Flint and his twin sons Ryuka (or Ricky) and Kraus (or Krause) -the names change in translation-, when aparently theres a bang, or something and Flint goes in to town to look for answers, after that, things start to change, but I'm lacking info. Unlike the previous two, there is no relation to Ness or Ninten.
Right now, no hacking information is available.
Would I really want this ROM when it comes out?
Probably not. It's rumoured that the ROM size is mind boggling huge, somewhere around 256 megs, around a 8 1/2 hour download.
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