Well, this is my old page, I edited the HTML to leave geocities in the dust, not to mention, now I have all of my stuff based on tripod.
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It starts in the past

This page orignially started as "Matt's All-in-one Webpage" years back. Now, with more HTML expirience, I plan to actually offer people something. My motivational level is strong, and my intentions are for the best.
Now this site is devoted to The Mother Series, all three of em' and all of their greatness

Now, it takes place in the future...

With that in mind, lets get past this header

(a.k.a Earthbound)

From here, you can go:

Mother Page (Earthbound Zero)
Mother 2 Page (Earthbound)
Mother 3 Page (Earthbound 64/GC)
Random Screenshots Page
FanFics Mirror

Last update: March 14th, 2003.

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